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Professional Birmingham web design no longer has to cost thousands of dollars. Sure if you are a design studio or a high end marketing company that wants to woo their customers with flash and video, the cost of a designer can drive up costs. Today, professional Birmingham web design sites can be developed to attract customers and the search engines at value prices.Birmingham Web Design

Everyone Does SEO

As a business owner, I am sure you are inundated with droves of solicitors offering you SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Everyone from your yellow page sales person, to radio and tv ad salespeople are pitching SEO services. Then the obligatory calls from India and Pakistan offering these services. SEO can be simple, but the problem is the constant changes to how the search engines rank sites. In 2011, Google has made two major algorithm shifts (Google Panda aka Farmer updates), that have completely changed SEO strategies. You need an expert on web design and someone who develops marketing assets that YOU own. Do not relay on pages from the phone company or sites like service magic, merchant circle, yelp and the other plethora of business directories. All of these sites add value, but you need your own asset. A site that you own and you control. All the sites that we build are standalone, optimized to be found by the search engines with great visual and professional appeal.

Sites That You Control

The Birmingham web design sites that we create are easily edited by you. We setup the initial design, and through a series of step-by-step, instructional videos, you can maintain your site, should you choose to. If you can create a document in Microsoft Word, and retrieve pictures off your digital camera, you can create new content. The videos are free for all of our customers. No more waiting for weeks or months to get your designer to reply to your requests. Sure, we offer maintenance packages for business owners too busy to do it themselves, but at an option, not a requirement, and no contracts.

Birmingham Web DesignBirmingham Web Design for as little as $500

We can create basic websites, that can be fully customized for as low as $500. Again, no long term contracts if that is the option you choose. The sites are professional and search engine friendly. No more multi-thousand dollars sites that take months to build. These sites have 5-7 pages, blog ready with a premium theme with 15 color schemes to choose from. Often, provided all the information and media (pictures and logos) we can have this basic site running in a week.

Our Portfolio of Customers



Baby Strollers

Havana Dreamin

Christian Family Publications

Southern Cigar Lifestyle Magazine

Birmingham Realtor

Birmingham Mortgage

Just to name a few of our satisfied customers.

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