CroMagnon Aquitaine Anthropology Cigar Review


CroMagnon Aquitaine Anthropology Cigar Review

So the other day, my buddy Jason at The Tobacco Shop asked me if I had tried a CroMagnon cigar. I told him no, but I had seen/heard some buzz on social media. Jason knows my leaning toward the fullest body cigars, so I usually take notice if he thinks I might like something. He knows that I would have a La Flor Dominicana DL700 or Digger Maduro for breakfast if my life, job, finances and wife would allow it. So I picked up a couple of Aquitanes (5 3/4 X 46). I would normally go for a larger ring gauge and longer cigar, but figured if I did not enjoy the cigar, it would not take too much time away from smoking my next double ligero.

Upon inspection, this is very rustic, dark and oily looking cigar. Surprisingly, even with the rustic looking wrapper, it is silky smooth to the touch.

The first draw of CroMagnon Aquitaine cigar was incredible. Very earthy with some coffee flavor and very peppery. I always enjoy peppery, spicy cigars. The draw is a bit on the tight side, but I did not struggle to smoke it. The cigar held firm and no relights or a single touch up with the lighter was required.

This cigar is extremely rich and complex. In fact one of the richest cigars I have had in some time. The coffee flavor remained as well as the pepper.

CroMagnon Aquitaine cigar is one great cigar. I am looking forward to trying some of the larger sizes in this cigar. If additional vitolas live up to my high expectations after this size, these will be added to my current rotation which includes LFD Digger maduro, LFD DL700 maduro, Oliva Cain Maduro and the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sungrown.


Available are:

  • Cranium 6 X 54
  • EMH 5 X 56
  • Mandible 4 1/2 X 60
  • Knuckle Dragger 4 X 50
  • Anthropology 5 3/4 X 46

From the manufacturer website:

“The Aquitaine contains the same long-filler, full-bodied blend found in the US Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapped CroMagnon, including its unique Cameroon binder. However, the Aquitaine features a beautiful Ecuador Habano Ligero wrapper selected from the best tobacco we could find. This eighth and ninth priming ligero leaf is thick, oily and has amazing texture.

The filler leaf for this blend was acquired from three separate growing regions in Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega and a small farm north of Esteli on the Honduran border, Pueblo Nuevo. This third leaf, a ligero, brings a strong, smoky, savory flavor to the blend. When combined with the spicy characteristics of the habano wrapper, the exotic bite of the Cameroon binder and the clean finish of its viso and seco companions, the blend adds another dimension to the deep rich tobacco flavor we present in the CroMagnon.”