CroMagnon Aquitaine Anthropology Cigar Review

The first draw of this cigar was incredible. Very earthy with some coffee flavor and very peppery. I always enjoy peppery, spicy cigars. The draw is a bit on the tight side, but I did not struggle to smoke it. The cigar held firm and no relights or a single touch up with the lighter was required.

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Mobile Marketing Outperforms Traditional Marketing Initiatives

No big surprise that a recent study determines that Mobile Marketing has already started outperforming traditional marketing methods. This gap will grow significantly in the coming months and years. A few of the benefits singled out are: it is easily quantifiable, campaigns can be personalized and targeted and the results can be measured nearly in real-time.

"NASDAQ News: Mobile Marketing Outperforms Traditional Marketing Initiatives According to New Research Study."


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SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Rankings

The author discusses some great tips with some basic information on what not to do with your website SEO strategies. Keep it simple and avoid these mistakes when doing SEO

5 Rookie SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Search Engine Traffic …

"Jill Whalen discusses mistakes she sees all the time that can make your website completely 'unfindable' in the search engines, along with some tools to help …"

It is amazing how often I visit a client that has violated simple SEO rules. These fundamental steps are a great starting point for learning good SEO techniques. 

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Tips for Marketing Your Android App

Some great tips for marketing your Android app. Some are very basic, but often overlooked when trying to get your app to market.

5 tips for marketing your tablet app

"As you send your baby out into the world, know that there are millions of other apps competing for the attention of mobile consumers. The way to make sure your creation doesn't fall through the cracks is smart marketing. Marketing your tablet app …"

Social media is often the best way to get the word out. Plan ahead to market your app to your niche via Facebook and Twitter, even if it means pre-releasing nuggets of information ahead of your launch. 

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Smoking ban in Birmingham begins today

Welcome to the nanny state. Appreciate my rights being trampled on by our government officials. Another ridiculous ban that should allow business owners to decide how they want to handle smoking for customers and employees. This coming from the largest municipal default in the history of the United States. Great use of city council time to get this bill enacted while the whole world is watching the city implode financially.

Smoking ban in Birmingham begins today

“By WBRC Staff – email Smokers in Birmingham now have to be more careful where they light up. The city’s new smoking ban takes effect today. The ban prohibits smoking in public places and restricts smoking outside of businesses.”

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How to Start a Blog for Beginners

This article is to demonstrate to new and advanced bloggers how to make money with a blog. How do you begin a blog? This isn’t difficult.

There are over fifteen million blogs online as we address this issue. so it can’t be that difficult. How much does it cost to blog? There are numerous free services that allow you to start constructing a blog such as Blogger and WordPress.


I advocate using one of the free services to get a novice idea and sympathize with blogging while dabbling and moving things here and there to test. Now, if you’re concerned with earning money with a blog, you’ll sooner or later need a self hosted account which isn’t that expensive usually around $9.99. This way, you look and have a more professional experience. How to Get a Blogging Platform?

If you just prefer to make some additional cash from your blog, try these alternatives. But if you’re really serious about eventually retiring from that horrible 9-5 job, I strongly advocate self-hosting your blog (We will get into this later..). – Blogger is my first choice to begin. It is so easygoing, a ten year old can use it and in reality understand it. Now, there are restrictions to what you are able to do and can’t do here because it’s owned by Google.

It is, nonetheless, Free. – This is altogether free, not that difficult to set up, you can tailor-make several things but like blogger, there are limitations likewise. – Same as WordPress com BUT this is where you get the self-hosting and your options are essentially boundless. You’re now free to wander around the cabin. lol. Setting up a self-hosted blog *Skip over this section if you’re using any of the above techniques*

I’m sure you’re serious enough to make money about blogging and are searching for the top way to format your blogs expression and personality, then acquiring a self-hosted blog from WordPress org is your better option. WordPress is the first selection for most bloggers. It does call for a little process and does cost something: domain name purchase ($10/year) blog hosting ($10/month).


A mammoth reward is that you will be able to use your own personal domain name. Select a Domain Name 1. You ought to start by buying a domain name. GoDaddy is an outstanding site to begin with. I’d urge you to go for a .com instead of a .org. Just about most people nowadays are more acquainted with .com than anything else. 2. Select a host for your blog A web host is the site that you pay to keep all of your files in one place for your blog. Similar to a container holding onto your personal items in storage. There are many hosting companies out there. Choose wisely.

I recommend to go with bigger companies who are to a greater extent known for doing just this. They perhaps are a bit more but at least you know you in all likelihood won’t have trouble with them and getting in touch will not be difficult if need be. Affiliate Marketing and what it is An avid example of an affiliate marketer: There are millions of products. When you channel-surf the net and see numerous photographs and images of products, nine out of ten times, they’re being sold and promoted through an affiliate vender.


Plainly put, when somebody clicks on that image, goes to the site where it’s being sold, determines right then and there to buy it, the affiliate marketer acquires a commission for the sales agreement. Occasionally it can be anywhere from $5.00 to $100.00 or even more. There are a 1000s of Affiliate programs, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Markethealth. MarketHealth by far is my front-runner and has made me gobs of revenue. Very easy to start there. (Click on the link above and get rolling) What does it take to earn money from a blog? This hinges upon your allegiance and how hungry you are. When I first began, I knew zero about blogging.



I studied my butt off and sought all over the Internet for “help me do this” guides. Now days, things are more lenient to interpret and there are scores of free blog tools and software to get you going. If you construct it, they will come. But, if you construct it and loafer afterwards and sit on your butt awaiting a parade of hits to arrive, you’ll be very frustrated and they “will NOT come”. Blogging calls for work but can be very rewarding if you accompany some simple-minded maneuvers and enforce them. Eventually, when your blog becomes more popular, that’s when you start to see the money coming in.

If you’re anticipating to make a million dollars overnight from day one of your new blog, stop reading here now. Remember, this isn’t the lottery. You have to develop traffic and members therefore giving you higher page rank where large engine sites like Google, MSN and Yahoo will acknowledge your blog and honor you by placing you higher and closer to the top. That’s when things get interesting.

What do I do and Where do I start? The 1st thing I’d do is compose a few well written articles about what ever your subject is and post them immediately. Get the ball rolling. Join many directories If I were initiating a brand new blog, the 1st thing I’d do is Google the topic I would want to blog about adding “directory” also into the search bar. A decent list of web directories about my topic will turn up. Here are a few to get you initiated with. * Blogcatalog com ( This is my Number One Choice !!! ) * Blogflux com * DMOZ org * Yahoo Directory Commenting on Blogs Among the leading ways for new blogs to get almost immediate traffic is by commenting on other blogs with the equivalent topics or niche as yours. Always comment about valuable things that can contribute. Never spam with just links to your site.


People don’t like this and the odds are your comment will be deleted or worse, you’ll be banished from that directory so be careful at what you say. The blogging community is commonly a very social community and those who are active in the community often encounter the good traffic they are looking for. Commenting on Forums Similar to Commenting on blogs, you will be able to find a forum that refers to your subject only and comment away.


I find that BlogCatalog is a avid forum likewise as the Warrior forum. Article submission sites Submit your articles to top article submission sites. These sites collect articles and most allow for a link back to your blog. Here are a few beneficial ones I use all of the time. * EzineArticles * goarticles * articledashboard * articlecity SEO tips for new bloggers It will take some time to get a good amount of traffic from the search engines. The search engines like more conventional sites that have numerous people linking to them already. It’s very crucial to get good links from other sites so that search engines will discover your blog.

Be patient.

Eventually, your blog will mature and grow. What is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are formulas and tricks on getting your internet site or blog to the top of the search engine listings. I could go on and on eternally on this subject but for now, just stick with what we have discussed. If you’re zealous to SEO your site, type in “SEO help for bloggers” in the search bar and there will be a good deal of articles and blogs to check this subject on SEO out. If you do these steps the right way, you will be in a better place than most people who do not know a single thing about SEO. *

One very important note about SEO. What ever you do, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the intricate part of SEO. It can be overwhelming at first and even be complicated. Especially to a beginner, SEO should not be ignored but monitored and learned at a very easy, slow pace due to the fact that many bloggers when they first start out, they sometimes hear that SEO is vital and the most important thing you must know to succeed on the internet today.



That is somewhat true but not entirely. I believe unique content is the key to success on the internet today. There are so many blogs and websites out there that have duplicate content that they literally stole from other sites thinking that they have obtained a “shortcut” but in reality, they have damaged their sites if anything. Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN all despise duplicate content. The “bots” that frequently scan your sites will be able to tell if you are using someone elses written material. If found our, which they usually do find out, your blog or website is usually dropped in either page rank or all together from the search engines. So, remember this when you are 2 or 3 years into an established blog or web site. You may actually lose your site after all of your hard work.

1. The Title Tags In my opinion, this is the most significant part of SEO. The title of your internet site is what web surfers will see when they’re searching a specific matter. If you have a crappy title for your site or article, then most probable, the reader will pass onto the next best thing.

2. The Anchor Text Anchor text tells the search engines what other sites your site is about. Google really places a lot of importance on anchor text.

3. Keywords Keywords are vitally crucial. Merely put, when someone types in the search bar what they’re looking for, and something arises, it’s the keywords that they’ve used that extracts the content of the page. If your site is about “Changing infant Diapers” and people typed in some of those words, there’s an eminent chance that your page will be listed but if you select keywords that are irrelevant to your site, then there really is no chance.  

4. Links Try and exchange links with other alike sites. You may have to add somebody else’s link to your blog but if they do the same, then all is well. This is a way to get additional traffic. You would like to be noticed right? .  

5. Compose articles people want and are probing for. Try to reach out to other bloggers instead of trying to sell them something immediately. Construct a believing fan base 1st before jumping into selling everybody in the world your affiliate products.  

6. Add A Google search bar to your internet site. Google is the King of search. By adding this, you’ll help your visitants find the data that they’re seeking on your site and hopefully bring in some net worth in the procedure. Set up Google Analytics This is an astounding statistics instrument that will assist you in keeping track of your visitants and break down numerous data about them. Google Keyword Tool This is the best FREE tool to get ideas about popular keywords.

Add A Feed to Your Blog Feedburner is my first choice here. you will want to burn a feed to allow others to quickly see updated posts and info on your blog.


Most of all,Have fun !

Even though this article is about helping those who want to make money with a blog, I also realize that many people forget about the fun part of blogging. They get caught up in the technical aspects of SEO and Html etc.. One of the best things to do if you are just starting out is have some fun and play around. Make use of many of the free blog tools out there and experiment.

You will make mistakes along the way but you will learn. If you stick with the basics, I know that you will make money with your blog as long as you do not quit. There will be times of frustration along the way. Take a break, do something else, read a book about something entirely different, exercise… then come back to your blog and start where you left off. Good luck and thank you for reading this.

Check out BlogTools.Biz for more posts and articles on this subject.

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